A Local Company With National Strength

Taliafaro Inc. is a nationwide property management firm that provides its clients with a comprehensive package of quality management services.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Taliafaro was founded in 1976 by CEO Thomas A. Tate to manage properties in the Nashville area. Through the leadership of Tate and President Dr. Annie J. Carter, Taliafaro has grown into a national leader in multi-family management by emphasizing quality service, the latest computerized analysis and reporting tools and the use of creative management techniques to improve the economic life of the properties it manages. Taliafaro’s use of technology in communication and daily operations helps lower costs and helps provide more efficient and effective operations.

Taliafaro offers particular expertise in the management of subsidized housing and specialized properties for the elderly and physically challenged. The firm has extensive experience in working with the U.S. department of Housing and Urban Development under its various housing assistance programs.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every property we manage.

Many clients have found that utilizing Taliafaro’s services from the start can prevent problems from arising. For each of the properties it manages, Taliafaro develops a complete management plan emphasizing quality preventive maintenance services, proven tenant/management relations techniques and complete execution and monitoring of all service contracts.


Our leasing and occupancy specialists work continuously to maximize the net operating income for each property, consistently delivering high occupancy rates and profitability.


Taliafaro’s team of certified management experts and its national experience in dealing with tough management challenges make it a logical choice for managing any type of multi-family property.


Our commitment to owners, residents and management extends beyond the traditional role of property management. We work with all parties to restore and maintain a property’s physical and fiscal health.


Owners are able to follow the performance of their investments with detailed monthly financial statements and complete annual budgets for all income and expenses, including both preventive and deferred maintenance expenditures.